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Save money on more efficient Air-Conditioning Units – introducing Power to Save: A NSW Government Program.

I'm a small business


I’m a small business…

How does it work?

The NSW Government is supporting households and small businesses in choosing energy efficient appliances and equipment, helping to save energy and money. The government is offering discounts, which aim to incentivise the purchase of more efficient air conditioning units by reducing their cost.

Am I eligible?

All small businesses are eligible, so long as an eligible air conditioning unit is installed by an Air Conditioning Incentives (ACI) approved installer.

Small Businesses are defined as commercial premises that consume less than 100 to 160MWh of electricity per annum. You may need to check your power bill for confirmation:



What do I need to do?

  1. Choose an eligible air conditioning unit

  2. Select an ACI approved installer, or ask your installer to call ACI to become an approved installer

  3. During installation, follow the installer’s instructions. You will be requested to:
    –   Sign the privacy disclaimer and if you wish to, the optional consent form

  4. After the installation:
    –   Complete a short text-based survey

Please note, some premises will be selected for a site audit.

Due to high demand, you may need to wait for your ACI approved installer to quote or install your air conditioner, especially during the busy summer period.

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