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Save money on more efficient Air-Conditioning Units – introducing Power to Save: A NSW Government Program.

I'm an installer


I’m an installer…

How does it work?

The NSW Government is supporting households and small businesses in choosing energy efficient appliances and equipment, helping to save energy and money. The government is offering discounts, which aim to incentivise the purchase of more efficient air conditioning units by reducing their cost. As an installer, you will be offering the incentive directly to the customer by deducting the relevant amount from the invoice. After the installation, you can claim the amount back through Air Conditioning Incentives (ACI), who will provide you with your rebate.

Am I eligible?

In order to be eligible to become an ACI approved installer, you will need to provide us with the following:

  • ARC Refrigerant Trading Authorisation

  • Public Liability insurance

  • NSW Fair Trading Business Contractor Licence

  • Individual NSW Fair Trading Contractor Licence or Supervisor Certificate for each of your employees

  • Individual ARC Refrigerant Handling Licence for each of your employees, or

  • Refrigerant Recovery Licence 

What do I need to do to process the discount for my customer?

  1. Become an approved installer with ACI

  2. Offer your customer the discount at point of sale

  3. Follow the instructions on the ACI Mobile Application during the installation

  4. Submit the completed claim to ACI

  5. Receive the incentive returns

What are the next steps?

Complete the Installer Application Request Form to begin the process of becoming an approved installer with ACI.

Want more information?

Download this brochure or contact us on 02 8381 6744

In the unlikely event that our software is down or you don’t have a network, download your PaperPack here.

In the unlikely event that our software is down or you don’t have a network, download your PaperPack here.