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Complaints Policy


ACI Customer Complaints Policy & Procedure


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, made either verbally or in writing, about the standard of service, actions or lack of action by ACI or its staff, affecting an individual customer or group of customers. It is in the policy of ACI to effectively and efficiently deal proactively with all complaints to ensure long term satisfaction of our customers.


Management is responsible for the coordination of the complaints procedure, including the analysis of data.

Management is also responsible for overseeing the process of monitoring and reporting the progress of the complaint and any responses made. The RESA Compliance and Upgrade Managers are responsible for the investigation of complaints directly related to their areas of activity.

Process for complaint handling

Complaints should preferably be in writing, addressed to the Manager and signed by the complainant, complete with address. File notes will be made at ACI to record the details of telephone and verbal complaints, but wherever possible, complaints should be confirmed in writing. Anonymous complaints should also be recorded and assessed and action taken where necessary.

In order to deal with complaints effectively and efficiently to resolve the problem, they will be dealt with in the following manner:

Compliance and Upgrade Managers will handle straightforward, minor complaints. An email response will be sent to the complainant detailing that their complaint will be forwarded to the right department. This email will obtain details i.e. our client whom will resolve the issue in a timely manner, as well as an apology on clients behalf.  The email to the client will detail customer name, contact number, company details, and the nature of the issue.  The email will also obtain a request for the client to confirm details of when the issue has been resolved, in order for ACI to add to the Complaints Register.

Where a complaint involves a number of different issues which require action by different members of staff, RESA Compliance and Upgrade Managers will send a letter of acknowledgement to the complainant and then provide internal communication to each other relevant member of staff to follow up on each complaint until its completion. A copy of communication must be forwarded to Management.

Serious complaints involving inappropriate behaviour, personal injury, a breach of the law or financial implications, a decision made by ACI, and complaints which involve the need for a detailed knowledge of ACI’s operations and procedures, will be directed to the Manager in the first instance. As above, the initial acknowledgement detailing the likely action to be taken, will occur within 5 working days. 

If the complaint is considered of a nature that requires the involvement of an independent mediator / facilitator, then this process could be employed to address the action required.

In cases where the customer does not accept the outcome offered or achieved by ACI as a result of following its complaints procedure, the complainant should be advised of alternative options open to them. These include approaching the NSW or VIC Ombudsman, Office of Local Government, Small Business Commissioner etc.

Records of the complaint 

Hard copies of all documents relating to the complaint including but not limited to emails, faxes, file notes and letters both from and to the complainant are to be kept in the Complaints Folder on site. All documents are also scanned for back up and kept on the Shared drive under “Complaints”. All complaints are then updated in the Complaints Register where we would log detailed information regarding the nature of compliant, as well as the ACI agent whom had dealt with the issue.

All records to be kept for a minimum of 6 years.

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